K-Y (Genderfail), Sep 2019

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[Excerpt from K-Y (2019, GenderFail Press, 72-pages, perfect-bound; release date Sep 12 2019 at Wendys Subway, NYC)]
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Downing reworked various versions of her slideshow over and over, always returning to the same line: Why should we be limited to friction-free intimacy when K-Y could be lubing up the free market as well?

The presentation outlined an idea that was a bit of a stretch, given her lack of tech background. She was a marketer, not a developer, but she understood the structure of this technology. She slowly developed a presentation that went like this: K-Y would develop its own cryptocurrency, but with a novel approach for processing transactions through a proof-of-work method. The majority of the ledger-verification landscape at this time consisted of large, well-branded cryptomining farms and exchanges. A smattering of networked “mining pools,” which allowed casual users to contribute resources for mining, made up a fraction of verifications. The concept of pooling personal computing power was a useful push towards decentralization (as long as the broader pool stayed atomized and as long as the blockchain was developed securely), but the not-uncommon presence of security flaws and the bad risk-to-reward factor posed problems for its adoption. The potential for networking the world’s summed computing power was great, though, if there was incentive for users to connect their home computers to a trustworthy peer-to-peer network.

This is where Downing’s proposal resolved a problem that her marketing perspective could solve. K-Y would develop a pornographic camsite that would broadcast work-from-home webcam sex workers to the computers of masturbators from around the world, harnessing the computing power from each masturbator in order to network the largest mining pool ever organized. Collectively, visitors to the site that consented to pay with computing power could reliably push forward the blockchain mining process with libido, rather than profit, as incentive. The models were paid in crypto, as they received 50% of the mined coin, while K-Y received the other 50% for hosting the platform.

There was something incredibly romantic about it. Masturbators of all backgrounds would connect to video streams of exhibitionists and be virtually transported into the intimate setting of that sexworker’s bedroom. As visitors furiously churned away towards climax, each computer’s fans would kick on, similarly churning away, working, whirring, overheating, spinning, oh god, calculating, processing, oh my god, computing, until: Oh! Mmmmmmmph ah hh ooooo mm o hhhh mm, a K-Y coin…. Every viewer that perused the index of pornographic feeds became a participant in what would become the largest mining pool of all time.

A beautiful moment that was impossible to observe: not every time, but certainly inevitably, at least a few participants in the pool would come on themselves at the exact moment that the next block in the chain was successfully mined.